Jordan Kvanvig
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Piano Studio

The Jordan Kvanvig Piano Studio accepts students of all ages and all levels. I understand that maturity and readiness varies from child to child, so please contact me to discuss your individual circumstance.

Adult piano students are also welcome. I dedicate a large portion of my teaching schedule to adult piano lessons, from absolute beginners to advanced players.

We are a vibrant community of pianists that push and support each other. Students have multiple performance opportunities including recitals, competitions, festivals and performing for each other and with each other through duets.



I believe that anyone can learn to play the piano with success and without frustration. Making music is not so much about talent, but rather about learning and applying efficient practice techniques. With a pinch of discipline and a heavy dose of humor, I teach my students to practice mindfully. When my students learn how to practice, their potential is unlimited.


Accelerated Piano Program

In these 55-minute lessons, students learn to work independently at their own pace. All students receive individualized instruction on their own high-quality digital piano, as well as have opportunities to collaborate with and perform for their classmates. A key component to this community approach is that students drive and inspire each other to achieve more.

In the Accelerated Piano Program students learn faster and have more fun than in the traditional 30-minute lesson. This program also includes flexible scheduling and is available in children and adult-only classes.


Thank you for all you do to put the recital together. You can see a difference with the kids in the accelerated program. Your first-year students were amazing. Cole is improving too and he is enjoying practicing more.
— Kathy T.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for advanced or very committed students.  Students in private lessons often participate in piano competitions and festivals, and make practice a large part of their daily routine.

Some students elect to participate in the Accelerated Piano Program as well as a short private lesson to further refine their skills.