Jordan Kvanvig
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Accelerated Piano Monthly

$115/month for weekly 55-minute lessons

In these lessons, students work on their own high-quality digital piano with headphones. Students are inspired by their peers' progress, but work at their own pace and on their own music. The accelerated piano program is recommended for the beginner-intermediate level. Some benefits of this program include

  • Students learn to read faster

  • Students finish their book faster

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Students learn all of their songs for the week during the lesson

  • Students are taught how to perform and overcome performance anxiety

Private Lessons Monthly

$115/month for weekly 30-minute lessons
$165/month for weekly 45-minute lessons
$210/month for weekly 60-minute lessons

Private lessons are available for advanced or very committed students. Students in private lessons often participate in piano competitions and festivals, and make practice a large part of their daily routine. Students may elect to remain in the accelerated program as and add a short private lesson to further refine their skills.

Per Session 

$70/hour for private lessons 

$35/adult group class

Per session pricing is only available for adult students or individual coaching sessions.